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Organisation type
Research centre
Research topics
Energy, ceramics
Ceramic Department CEREL, Institute of Power Engineering, ul. Techniczna 1, 36-040 Boguchwała, Poland
CEREL website

Institute of Power Engineering (IEn): CEREL

The Institute of Power Engineering (IEn) is one of the largest institutes in Poland and Central Europe conducting research into energy technologies. The Institute covers a wide range of ​​energy research including fuel cells, clean coal technologies and renewable energy sources.

IEn's ceramics branch, CEREL, concentrates on research and development into the manufacturing and implementation of modern ceramic materials. A key focus is developing technology for the mass production of solid oxide fuel cells, with related research into dense oxygen membranes to obtain pure oxygen and for oxy-combustion.

IEn is a partner in many European and Polish national projects, and participated in the FP7 project EFECTS, implementing inkjet printing for the deposition of solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes.

Key personnel

Dr Mariusz Krauz